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Website Design Services

This page outlines our basic website design services and some of our prices. Every website is different, so remember that our prices serve as a guideline. If you are interested in ordering a website, whether it's a personal website or a website for a small business, please use our quotes request page to obtain a personalised quote, based on what you want your website to do and what it will contain, etc.

What do our website design prices include? Once you accept our quote and confirm an order, we create a website based on your specifications or guidelines, as described and approved in your quote, add the text and images that you provide. If required, we will revise your text and structure it so that it obtains the best possible results with search engines like Google (this is what people call optimisation). In simple terms, we make the site do what you want it to do.

Our 'Plus' services are aimed at making having a website simple. We provide one year's hosting, take care of server security, maintenance and backups. For clients with HTML websites, we also provide an update service so that keeping your website up to date is easy.

Standard Design Services

Our standard prices for HTML website design are shown below. Once finished and approved, we provide you with the website in a zip format, ready for uploading and installing onto your web hosting.

Prices for HTML websites are based on the number of pages you require and include, where necessary, the additional scripts for things like image galleries and contact forms (or forms of whatever type). Any additional costs, if necessary, will be outlined in your pre-order quote.

Website Hosting Plus

Finding and dealing with website hosting, managing server security, site maintenance and keeping a website updated can consume a lot of time. If you don't want to deal with these things yourself, our 'HTML Plus Pack' service is the solution. We host your website on our server for 12 months and deal with security, website backups and maintenance issues for you.

HTML Website Design

Website design and creation - up to 6 pages£350
Website design and creation - up to 12 pages£600
Website design and creation - up to 24 pages£1000
On-Page SEO OptimisationIncluded

HTML Plus Pack

HTML PLUS PACKCost £75 / year
Security Management and Site BackupsIncluded
Page Updates (24 per year / 2 per month)Included
Up to 20 Email Accounts (max 250 outgoing emails/day)Included

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WordPress Websites

Although CMS websites based on WordPress all share a common operating system, each website has different needs and for this reason, we don't provide standard pricing for WordPress CMS websites. We can say that prices for Wordpress websites start at £600, but each project is priced individually, depending on the amount of work required. If you are interested in a CMS website, please email us with a detailed explanation of what you require and we will provide you with a written quote.

'Plus' Services for Wordpress

Hosting: If you order a WordPress website from us we can host your website on our servers for 12 months and deal with hosting and server security for you. You will be provided with Cpanel server access (to manage your server space and files). The cost of this service is £60 a year.

Other Services: Wordpress and the associated plugins needed to run a website are updated several times a year, meaning that keeping a Wordpress site secure and up to date can be a time-consuming process. We offer a 'WordPress Plus' service pack to deal with these upgrades and also site maintenance. Prices for this service will be provided with your website quote.