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Getting Started - Quotes

Before ordering a website from us, please complete our 'Request a Quote' form. The form asks you to describe what you want us to do, what you want your website to do, and so on, and this information will enable us to provide you with a quote for the website design, plus tell you when and how long it will take to create your website.

We don't want to discouage people from ordering websites from us, but we cannot accept every order sent to us. We're a relatively small website design studio and, as stated elsewhere, each website is created by an individual website designer, and there are only so many jobs that we can handle at any given time. Your website quote will tell you what the website will cost, approximately how long it will take to build and what to do if you want to proceed. As a first step, we will ask you to pay a deposit for your order before we start work on it.