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StyleBased Website Design Studio

Describing who we are is quite simple; is part of the BeenDesigned Group, which is a small group of freelance website designers based in London, Milan and Barcelona, who also happen to be friends. The group was formed in 2010 when we were all living and working in Italy, and we have been working together ever since.

We're all trainers of one sort or another and our work takes us to various countries, and we design websites as much for fun as for anything else. We do our own work. By that, we mean that we don't accept unlimited orders and then farm them out to random agencies in low-cost centres in Asia, as many agencies now do. Once your order has been accepted you'll be given the contact details of your designer and you'll be able to contact him at any time with any questions you may have. Just as we like to keep our work simple, we like to keep things personal.

Each new website we create is designed and built by a single designer from start to finish. Our designers listen to what our clients want and need, and take personal pride in ensuring that their designs are effective.

A website shouldn't be a burden

Our clients generally have one thing in common; they want a website to perform a task, whether that's selling products online, promoting facilities or services. What they don't want is a website that consumes all their time when they also have a business and a personal life to manage. Understanding this, we decided to introduce a 'Plus' service for clients.

If you don't want to don't want to spend days or hours trying to find reliable website hosting, worrying about website maintenance or dealing with security and backups, we have a solution. For a fixed annual fee, we deal with those things for you. We can deal with page updates if necessary, and also add links to your site on our websites, a free marketing boost that helps your site's visibility on Google.