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Website Design for Business is one of the websites of the BeenDesigned Website Design Group. We're a small design studio with a half-dozen web designers, located in London, Milan and Barcelona. We don't say that to sound glamorous; it's just where we live.

We specialise in website design for small businesses and websites for freelance professionals. Above all, we specialise in simplicity. Our focus is on creating effective and affordable websites that achieve results and require the minimum ongoing maintenance for clients. You want a website that performs a task, a website that works for you, and not a website that consumes hours of your time. We build that sort of website.

Although we build CMS websites where they are the best solution, we specialise in HTML websites. Unless you genuinely want to add a blog to your website, or want sophisticated data functions, an HTML website is often the perfect solution. They are simple, far less prone to hacking attacks, require minimal maintenance and don't need costly hosting. What's more, they are quick to load and easy to optimise, meaning they generally perform very well in Google searches. Oh, and they're nowehere near as expensive as CMS websites!

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Every website we create is designed and built by a single website designer, from start to finish. We start by listening to what our clients want their websites to achieve and take personal pride in ensuring that their designs are effective as well as attractive.

Ordering a Website from us

Because we're relatively small, we only accept a limited number of orders, and we don't farm orders out to freelance designers in low-cost countries in Asia, as many agencies do. That's why you won't find an order form on this website. If you want us to create a website for you, we ask you to submit a quote request. When we receive your request, we will analyse your needs, what work your website will require, which of our designers is best suited to your needs, how long it will take to build your website and, of course, what it will cost. Your quote will include instructions on how to confirm your order and what we need from you in order to start work. If existing orders mean that we can't build your website immediately, we will give you a proposed start-finish date.